Impressions of a Traveller

This is the personal website of Frouwke Scholtens.
In 2011 I decided to start travelling for a longer period of time. My journey brought me to South America and I like to share some of my impressions and experiences. 'Impressions of a Traveller' documents this trip and other travelling experiences by means of maps and photographs.

I am currently back in the Netherlands. Recently visited locations include Nepal, Denmark and some nice places in my own country. Visit the 'World Map' for a full overview of destinations included in this website.

Sail Kampen, The Netherlands

IJssel delta Zwolle, The Netherlands

Sucre, Bolivia and its surroundings

Sucre, Bolivia and its surroundings

El parque Cretácico, Sucre, Bolivia. Dinosaur foot prints in lime stone. The dinosaurs seem to be rather surprised to be here though.

The Himalayas from the sky, Nepal